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Combined Air Valve is a in ensuring the efficiency and longevity of your irrigation system. This innovative valve effectively eliminates excess air, preventing airlocks and optimizing water flow. Its dual functionality combines air release and vacuum break, making it an indispensable component for maintaining consistent water pressure and preventing damage to your irrigation infrastructure.
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Combined Air Valve Industry knowledge
1. Function and principle of Combined Air Valve
The integrated air valve plays a key role in the hydraulic pipeline system. Its main function is to eliminate air and bubbles in the pipeline to ensure normal operation and stable water flow inside the pipeline. In hydraulic systems, air and bubbles may cause unstable water flow in the pipeline and even affect the normal operation of the pipeline. Through the automatic exhaust function, the integrated air valve can promptly discharge air from the pipeline, maintain the negative pressure balance in the pipeline, and prevent the occurrence of air inhalation.
The working principle of the integrated air valve is based on hydraulics and air removal principles. When negative pressure occurs inside the pipeline, the integrated air valve will automatically open to allow air to enter the pipeline and be discharged to balance the pressure difference inside and outside the pipeline and prevent problems caused by negative pressure. When the internal pressure of the pipeline returns to normal, the integrated air valve will automatically close to prevent water flow from backflow or leakage.
Comprehensive air valves usually consist of valve body, valve core, seals and other components. The valve core is usually a movable part that can automatically adjust the opening and closing of the valve according to changes in the internal pressure of the pipeline to achieve the function of automatic exhaust. The seal plays a role in preventing water leakage and ensuring the sealing performance of the integrated air valve.

2. Main types and application scenarios of Combined Air Valve
Integrated air valves can be divided into various types according to their working principles and structural characteristics. Common types of integrated air valves include float-type integrated air valves, plunger-type integrated air valves, diaphragm-type integrated air valves, etc.
The float-type integrated air valve is suitable for large-diameter pipelines and hydraulic systems under high-flow conditions. Its float structure can automatically adjust the opening and closing of the valve according to changes in water level to achieve automatic exhaust function. The plunger type integrated air valve is suitable for small diameter pipelines and low flow conditions, and has the characteristics of simple structure and reliable operation. The diaphragm-type integrated air valve is suitable for scenes with high water quality requirements. Its diaphragm structure can prevent the water flow from directly contacting the gas and avoid oxidation and pollution problems.
Integrated air valves are widely used in urban water supply, industrial pipelines, farmland irrigation and other fields. Especially in long-distance pipelines and high-altitude areas, due to the long-distance transportation of water and the influence of terrain, the problems of air and negative pressure in the pipeline are more prominent, and the role of the integrated air valve is even more important.

3. Development trends and technological innovation of Combined Air Valve
With the continuous development of hydraulic pipeline systems and the improvement of intelligence level, integrated air valves are also constantly undergoing technological innovation and improvement to adapt to new needs and challenges.
Intelligence is one of the important trends in the development of integrated air valves. The intelligent comprehensive air valve integrates intelligent elements such as sensors and controllers, which can realize functions such as remote monitoring and automatic adjustment, and improves the operating efficiency and management level of the pipeline system.
Energy saving and environmental protection is another important direction for the development of integrated air valves. The new integrated air valve uses energy-saving materials and energy-saving design to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution, and meets the requirements of sustainable development.
Efficient water saving is also one of the important goals for the development of integrated air valves. By optimizing the structural design and control algorithm, the exhaust efficiency and water flow utilization rate of the integrated air valve are improved to achieve water saving goals.
In the future, the integrated air valve may also have more functions, such as self-cleaning, anti-scaling, anti-freeze, etc., to meet the diverse needs of different scenarios. As a key component in the hydraulic pipeline system, the integrated air valve will play a more important role in future development, providing reliable guarantee for the effective utilization of water resources and the safe and stable operation of the pipeline system.